Review – Scammed its Clients and Never Shipped Orders! is presented as a steroids supplier offering and an expansive product list incorporating steroids of various kinds, as well as a few more steroid-unrelated products. The shop, according to its copyright, started 2008, although I could not confirm the actual inception date for this shop due to its lack of important sections such as its “about us” or “FAQ” pages.

Resembling the typical steroids suppliers, also had nil data for its location and on where it sourced its products. However, Size Vitamins itemized its supplier brands and specified that the products included meds from Abbott, Ajanta Pharma, Asia Pharma, Eli Lilly, Aventis, Roche, Schering (Germany), and others. As for the categories of products available on Size Vitamins, the shop offered medications for depression, hormones (HGH, HCG), weight loss products, sexual enhancement products, and various others.

Staged at the store’s main page is a montage of its popular products. Size Vitamins’ best-sellers included the products Trenabolic Injection 80 mg/mL, Stanobolic Tablets 10 mg, Testosterone Propionate 100 mg/mL, Oxyanabolic Tablets 50 mg, and a few more steroid-related products. There was no information regarding the FDA approvals of the products on the shop, as Sizevitamins failed to specify if these medications are certified by drug regulatory agencies.

Apart from the steroid products on the shop, also featured “sexual enhancement” products but only had two items under the category. There were only Kamagra Tablets and Kamagra Oral Jelly from Ajanta Pharma, products which contain Sildenafil Citrate for erectile dysfunction relief. The price of Kamagra Jelly on is $25 for 4 tablets (100 mg) and $100 for 50 sachets of Kamagra Oral Jelly 100 mg. These medicines, as well as the other products on, may be bought without prescriptions, which was the norm followed by most online drug suppliers.

You can have the products on shipped at your doorstep using Registered Airmail or Express Mail Service. Registered Airmail (10 to 21 working days) costs $35 and the Express Mail Service (4 to 5 days) option costs $55. As for the payments, you can pay for your orders on using cash money transfers or credit card money transfers. Unlike most online suppliers, promises to cater to worldwide clients and not only to the United Kingdom, the United States, and Europe-based clients.

There were no guarantees given to the buyers of the store, as the shop relinquishes all buyer claims concerning order losses and damages incurred during transit. This was bad, though, because consumers should have claims for lost parcels and for items destroyed during transit. Returns are also prohibited by the store. can only be reached through its “contact us” page, using the integrated messaging function on the website. Reviews is not short of reviews from external sources. In fact, this web pharmacy had several consumer references to its service from a well-known online review platform, such as Here are some of the reviews for the store:

image3 13

Regrettably, the comments for the store were all complaints about the shop’s ill service. The first complaint about Size Vitamins was from 6 years ago, from the user “scammedbuster”, who stated that the shop’s operator (Dave Langley) was a “scammer to the highest degree”. This user warned about this scammer’s schemes and told the buyers that Dave owns several other similar scam sites.

Albert, another consumer who posted 3 years ago, summarized his order as “not received”, but the store, but ironically defended the store from its bashers. His order summary was incongruent with his actual statement, which made his comments confusing.

However, the latest commenter for affirmed its scammer status; according to “mattaashner”, he failed to receive his order from Size Vitamins, even two months post his $160 payment. He hasn’t heard from since his payment, hence his “not received” order summary. Reviews 2017 did not have recent reports for its service from so I tried using other platforms to evaluate the store’s domain. I used Scamner and Legit Script to ascertain more details for this web pharmacy. Here are the results of both platforms’ analyses for

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The report from Scamner characterized as an unsafe store and gave it zilch points for its safety status. Scamner’s report asserts that only deserved 0 points out of 100 due to its lack of a security certificate which supposedly ensures buyer protection while browsing the site. was also linked to a number of scam reports during the past, which makes the store dangerous to transact with.


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Legit Script also gave the store a low rating for its performance and declared the shop as a “rogue” internet shop and an unreliable source for drug products. Coupon Codes also had nil coupon codes and discount offers for its clients. No free shipping offers are found on the website, as well as freebies for clients with a certain order amount. is not as generous as the usual online pharmacies.


Size Vitamins ( offered steroids and other similar products which are allegedly 100% genuine. This store had a few reviews from one external platform; however, these reviews were all complaints about the scammer activity of this store.

Despite the good offers of the store for the consumers for its products, I still would not choose for my drug needs due to the considerable number of complaints about this selling platform. My verdict: 1 out of 5.