Rxpillsbuyonline.com Review – Rogue Online Pharmacy with No Customer Reviews

Rxpillsbuyonline.com was an e-shop that was part of the Pharmacy Mall. Pharmacy Mall is a large network of pharmacies that started in 1997. Information as to whether Pharmacy Mall is still active was not found. Pharmacy Mall and its affiliated RX Pills Buy Online were licensed online pharmacies in Canada according to the website of Rxpillsbuyonline.com.

This internet drug shop offered a lot of medicines. They sold meds for allergies, fungal infection, viral infection, and antibiotics. They also sold arthritis medicines, birth control pills, drugs to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, drugs to control depression and anxiety, medicines to stop hair loss and helps in weight loss as well as drugs to improve men and women’s health. They also had medicines that aid people who wanted to quit smoking, drugs to aid people who cannot sleep, and medicines to reduce pain. With more than a hundred of medicines on their list, their best sellers were still erectile dysfunction drugs.

Customers who were looking to bring back the joy in their life were able to find ED drugs from this e-shop. They offered cheap and different types of ED medicines. Among the drugs they offered were generic Viagra for $0.27 per pill and $0.68 for generic Cialis. Generic Levitra was sold for $1 per tablet. They also sold branded medicines like branded Viagra for $2.56 per tablet, branded Cialis for $3.72 per tablet and $3.71 apiece for branded Levitra.

For other ED drugs, they also sold Sildalis ($0.95/tab), Silvitra ($2.80/tab), Kamagra ($0.90/tab), Kamagra Polo ($$1.58/tab), and Kamagra Effervescent ($2.56/tablet). Stronger ED drugs like Kamagra Super, Malegra FXT and FXT Plus, Malegra DXT and DXT Plus and Extra Super Viagra were also available. Their most expensive ED drugs were Extra Super Avana for $6.98 per tab and Aurogra for $49.24 per tablet. I am not sure what Aurogra can do but it was really expensive at $50 per tablet.

On their home page, Rxpillsbuyonline.com had a logo of Visa and MasterCard hence I assume that they accept credit card for payment. The shipping method they used was no longer obtainable as well as shipping rates. Information on their refund, return, and cancellation policies are not available as well.

Customers of RX Pills Buy Online had a ‘contact us’ page on their web site. It looks like this was the only way to reach customer support for this online pharmacy.

Rxpillsbuyonline.com Reviews

Being part of a big network of online pharmacies like Pharmacy Mall, I was expecting a lot of good customer reviews for Rxpillsbuyonline.com. To be honest, I think a website claiming to be part of a big network must at least have a handful of followers. As far as this internet shop is concerned, this was not the case though as they do not have any customer review!

Rxpillsbuyonline.com Reviews 2017

To check whether an online store is legit or not, I do run reputation analysis. Aside from running reputation analysis, I also use legitscript.com for online pharmacies. Legitscript.com is a monitoring and evaluation site that handles online pharmacies. They use a particular form to evaluate the legitimacy of online pharmacies worldwide.

image2 13

Based on the evaluation of legitscript.com, rxpillsbuyonline.com did not qualify as an online pharmacy. It was currently tagged as a ‘rogue pharmacy’ meaning it did not meet all the requirements of being a legit online pharmacy. As long as this web site remains inactive, the tag as ‘rogue pharmacy’ will remain. If it reactivates and starts operating again, the rating will remain unless the site asked for a re-evaluation.

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Another web site evaluator I use is scamner.com. The result of the evaluation I run with scamner.com revealed that this internet drug shop had 19% safety rating. It means that there was a high risk involved in using this internet shop.

Rxpillsbuyonline.com Coupon Codes

During their run, rxpillsbuyonline.com introduced a few promotions to attract new customers.

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The first promotion they had was the ‘bonus pill’ promo. For every customer order, bonus pills were added and shipped at no extra costs. They also offered free shipping to customers whose orders reached $200.  


Rxpillsbuyonline.com was an online pharmacy that was based in Canada. They were part of a bigger online pharmacy network called Pharmacy Mall.  On their home page, they promised at least four things – free shipping on orders over $200, free pills on every order, high-quality and genuine medicines and the most affordable medicines online.

What I liked about this site was the wide list of medicines they offered. They had hundreds of medicines on their list. As for the price, they indeed offer the cheapest generic Viagra medicine for $0.27 per tablet. Their branded Viagra was also cheaper as compared to other online pharmacies at $2.56. Most internet shop offer branded Viagra for $6 or more. They also had a wide range of ED medicines hence customers who were looking to test and check which ED product will work best for them can purchase everything they need from this store.

What I find disappointing was the lack of customer review for RX Pills Buy Online. Being part of a large network of online pharmacies, I was expecting more from them and that includes some feedback from their customers. As I always say, a store with no customer review is like a store with a negative review!

It was also disappointing to see that legitscript.com had tagged this internet drug shop as a ‘rogue pharmacy’. According to legitscript.com, this e-shop did not meet the requirements set by legitscript.com in order for them to become a legit online pharmacy. Scamner.com added that this store only had 19% trust rating which was very low. With this information, I am giving this site a rating of 1 out 5 stars.