Pom-pharmacy.com Review – Store with a Disgraceful Exit—Shut Down by the Government

Pom-pharmacy.com was a store previously known as “Trusted Tablets”, a name which was used by several online pharmacies available on the internet. Today, though, Pom Pharmacy is no more, as the domain used by the shop, Pom-pharmacy.com was seized by the United States government.

The US government’s ICE-Homeland Security Investigations from the Customs Department actively shuts down suspicious domains with issued warrants from a United States-based district court. According to the notice posted on the former Pom Pharmacy website, the store participated in willful copyright infringement and also was involved in counterfeit goods trafficking (in the case of Pom-pharmacy.com, counterfeit drugs). However, besides the generic notice for domains seized by the government, there was no explanation provided for the actual store, Pom-pharmacy.com, which could have given us more clarity concerning its offenses.

In order to gather more details for the closed online store, I browsed the web for clues. The store had records on the web archives and also had several pharmacy blogger reviews for its service. However, Pom-pharmacy.com did not have mentions from consumers who were able to try out its service during the past years. As for the web archive files for Pom-pharmacy.com, the shop was identified to function since 2013 to 2016, although the snapshots for the website were corrupted. There was no indication where the store operated from based on its retrieved details—even its about us section did not mention the country where this shop was located. However, according to the records, the products on Pom-pharmacy.com were approved by the Indian FDA, which meant that the products were sourced from the world’s largest generics medications producer.

Unlike other websites, Pom-pharmacy.com did not overtly state that it required the consumers for prescriptions; the store only stated that some of its meds required Rx, while some of its products did not require the provision of prescriptions, which made the store’s prescription policy a bit confusing. Products offered on Pom Pharmacy or Trusted Tablets were the usual products found at almost all online pharmacies—meds for allergies, sexual health, fertility, hair loss, anxiety, mental disorders, and various other medical conditions.

Amongst all of the medications on the shop, though, the most famous ones were those intended for the management of impotence in males—Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and their generic parallels. Pom-pharmacy.com was able to sell its generic Viagra for as low as $0.92 each, its generic Levitra for as low as $2.00 each, and its generic Cialis for as low as $1.90 each.

Pom-pharmacy.com offered worldwide shipping via airmail or the EMS courier, whichever the buyers preferred for their orders. Unfortunately, since the shop’s now closed, I was unable to determine the actual charges for both shipping methods.

The information for Pom-pharmacy.com on the web archive was limited, so I was unable to find out the payment methods acceptable on Pom Pharmacy, as well as its refund and return policies.

Pom-pharmacy.com Reviews

Consumers allegedly posted their reviews on Pom-pharmacy.com and here are some of the examples of the on-site comments found on Pom Pharmacy or Trusted Tablets:


Oddly enough, some of the consumer comments for the pharmacy were without buyer names. Most of the commenters appeared to thank the store for the “prompt delivery” of the products, and some even thanked the shop for its effective sexual improvement pills. However, despite the good nature of these testimonials I still had trouble believing these statements as the store offered no verification for these claims of good service.

Pom-pharmacy.com Reviews 2017

Pom-pharmacy.com did not have consumer testimonials available on the web for the year 2017, so I decided to use other online platforms to help reveal more about the domain’s standing from an algorithm’s perspective.


Using Legit Script, Pom-pharmacy.com was identified as a rogue pharmacy, or a website functioning out of compliance with the legislations for proper web operations. Being labeled as a rogue store also meant that the website has been dealing fraudulently with its consumers.

According to Legit Script, Pom-pharmacy.com was created in 2013 and its site was traced in Netherlands.


Pom-pharmacy.com was a suspicious site according to the result from Scam Adviser. According to more details for the store, its trust rating was only 46% out of 100, it was identified as a rogue store (just like the result from Legit Script), and that the store has an age of nearly 4 years. The website location determined for the shop was from Netherlands as well.

Pom-pharmacy.com Coupon Codes

Deals were available on Pom-pharmacy.com, but the store had none of the coupon code deals available in select online drugstores.


Instead, Pom-pharmacy.com had a referral discount scheme for its consumers—buyers with successful order invites were given 10% discounts on their next orders, while the ordering friends were given a 5% discount on their current purchase.


Pom-pharmacy.com was another Trusted Tablets store, and like most online pharmacies with this name, Pom-pharmacy.com was already closed for some reason. I searched for reviews for this platform, but unfortunately, I was unable to find any mentions for this web pharmacy.

Pom Pharmacy exited disgracefully as it was seized by the US Government due to its alleged involvement in criminal activities. Today, we don’t know where the Pom-pharmacy.com operators are or what became of them. Overall, due to the present state of Pom-pharmacy.com, my rating for Pom-pharmacy.com is only 1 out of 5.