Review – China-Based Canadian Pharmacy That Has Three Clone Websites is a Canadian pharmacy that is similar to three other online pharmacies I am acquainted with:,, and I can categorically say that all four websites are clones – they all bear the “World Pharmacy Store” logo and have the same web design. Only is offline. The other two are running simultaneously with this website., like its three clones, does not mandate its customers to produce a prescription issued by a licensed physician for prescription drugs requests to be processed. Nevertheless, this store urges its customers to consult with their doctors to be certain about how a medication would work and learn about contraindications.

The medications in this vendor’s catalog are identical to the others. They included medications in categories such as Muscle Relaxant, Men’s Health, Blood Pressure, Depression, Anxiety, Heart Disease, Antibiotics, Pain Relief, Erectile Dysfunction, Women’s Health, and Allergies. There is a “Bestsellers” category with ED drugs featured at the top.

The drugs I found in “Erectile Dysfunction” includes different formulations of Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra including Brand name drugs. 96 pills of 100mg Brand Viagra cost $323.07, 48 pills of 20mg Brand Cialis cost $189.32, and 120 pills of 20mg Brand Levitra cost $455.82. Credit card by Visa and American Express or ECheck are accepted for payment.

The two shipping options available are $10 Airmail which takes 2-3 weeks for delivery and $20 EMS courier delivery which delivers in 3-8 business days. This store doesn’t accept returns but is willing to resend orders free of charge if they arrived damaged or defective. Reviews

This website also has a “Testimonials” menu like its counterparts and unsurprisingly, the reviews are identical – word for word. The image below is an excerpt from the menu on

image3 11

Eric is a customer (who has apparently shopped on all four clone websites) who lives in Spain. Had relates, in his review, how when he got home from a long road trip he found out that his order had arrived safely. It was right on schedule and it was accompanied by a four pill bonus and a note thanking him for his patronage. He reciprocated by expressing his thanks for the generosity and professionalism.

Jonathan is a buyer who wrote to inform the store that his order had been delivered. He was extremely delighted with the service and the medications he received. Before this order from this particular pharmacy, he had become accustomed to paying much larger sums for his prescription drugs through his general practitioner. He expressed his pleasure at being “able to order online without hassle”, and the deliveries arriving within the stated time period.

Another reviewer named Nathan wrote from the United Kingdom. He was writing to express his satisfaction with the delivery of his order which arrived just seven days after he submitted his request. He described this service delivery as “most impressive” and was already looking forward to the next time he would need medications. He said he would return and was going to tell others about the service.

Like I said at the outset, these reviews are the same as those on the other three clone websites. I have learned through extensive research and personal experience that most online pharmacies that follow this pattern of creating duplicate websites are most likely to be involved in scams. Reviews 2017

I could not find unassociated reviews for I didn’t expect to see positive reviews because of the nature of the website and my familiarity with the other three clones but it was worth a shot. Be that as it may, I was curious to find out whether the analysis on is any more favorable for this website than the previous ones I considered.

image4 6

The 0% rating was proof enough that this report wasn’t going to be any different from those that were generated for the others. Scamner found the location of the server in China and disclosed that the website was created 3 years ago. It did not find a secure socket layer for this website and concluded that this website is untrustworthy. It also advised against buying from this store. Coupon Codes

The store, like its three clone counterparts, does not employ discount coupon codes as a method for offering discounts to the customers who patronize the store oblivious of the apparent scam operation. The bonuses that you can observe in the screen grab below are similar to those on the other three.

image1 12 image2 12

Free pills of the popular Erectile Dysfunction medication – Viagra – were added to every order but this was a time-limited offer. It is usually one of the bestsellers that is added as a bonus a Viagra is one of the bestsellers on this store. All orders above 200 US dollars qualified for a bonus of free shipping. Some website set the price a little lower or a little higher than that. Discounts could also be used to reduce the cost of a medication on the first order a customer places on a pharmacy website. Some stores I’ve researched do that on the second order. Either way, the resulting price becomes applicable for an indefinite period of time. Another interesting approach has pharmacy stores successively apply discounts that are incremented with every order up to a specified number of orders.


I have been able to learn about how determined this Canadian website’s administrators are in their quest for generating as much income as possible. Whether they are as determined when it comes to the actual service delivery is an open question. is the fourth website I have reviewed that bears the “World Pharmacy Store” logo. It is a clone website resembling,, and in website design and pretty much everything else. All of them except 10-rx are currently active on the Internet. is certified by CPA, MIPA, and CIPA. Prescriptions are not compulsory for purchasing both Brand name and generic pharmaceuticals on this website. The website strongly advises interested buyers, however, to see their doctors so that they can learn about contraindications. The bestsellers are Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. In addition to the Erectile Dysfunction category, the catalog included Muscle Relaxant, Men’s Health, Blood Pressure, Depression, Anxiety, Heart Disease, Antibiotics, Pain Relief, Allergies, and Women’s Health. The available testimonials are the same as the testimonials on the clones. Scamner said that website is three years old and is located in China. No SSL layer. Scamner gave this vendor a 0% score. I am assigning 2 out of five stars to