Review – High-Risk and Unsafe Online Pharmacy That is No Longer Existing was an online pharmacy that sold prescription medicines and generic medicines. This online pharmacy had a team of doctors to help customers with their prescription medicines. Doctor’s consultation was free. This internet drug store was no longer operating. Information as to when they started in this business and as to when they stopped was not available.

The drugs that metromeds sold were centered on ED medicines. The ED drugs they offered were Caverta, Cialis, Kamagra, Levitra, and Viagra. Customers were able to buy these ED drugs in packs and combinations such as 30 Viagra pills + 30 Cialis pills or 40 Viagra pills + 40 Levitra pills. All medicines offered by this internet shop were generic medicines. Unfortunately, the prices of these ED medicines were no longer available on the web archive. There was no third-party site with this information as well.

On the FAQ page of, they cited that the medicines they offered were from respectable pharmaceutical companies around the world. They also guaranteed that all medicines shipped to their customers were as effective as their branded counterparts. They were not able to disclose though if these medicines were FDA approved either by the US-FDA or its country of origin.

Customers of were able to complete their orders by paying with their credit cards or thru bank wire transfer. Once the payment was approved (by customer’s bank), the doctors of metromeds will pack the orders and have it ready for shipping. Pre-shipping preparation takes 1-2 business days.

If a customer opted for the Fast Shipping Method, the order will be delivered within 9 business days. For customers who chose Standard Shipping Method (Regular Mail on other countries), the order will be delivered within 16 business days. The cost of shipping depends on the destination country of the order.

Customers of can request a refund and cancellation of order regardless of the status of their order. They only need to contact the support team of this online pharmacy. In addition, customers who had issues with their order (eg: damaged or incomplete package) must contact the support team immediately to make a report. These kinds of orders can be reshipped for free or customers can request a refund too. Customers with a concern can contact the support team at 1-888-836-0780 from 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon (PST). At night, customers were able to reach the support team through their ‘contact us’ page. Reviews had been offering a lot of generic and prescription medicines according to their home page. Since the prices of these medicines were no longer available, I went ahead and looked for customer reviews that might give me an idea on what metromeds really offer.

As of this writing, I was not able to find any customer review for this website – none from the web archive and none from third-party review sites.

With no customer insights to add to my data about this internet shop, I went ahead and run a scam analysis. Reviews 2017 is a website that runs scrutiny on other websites and determines whether it is a scam or a trustworthy website. Information used for analysis are those that can be found on the website’s server (the one for analysis).

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As per, metromeds was using a United States server but there was a chance that its actual location was in the European Union. Because of its conflicting servers, this website had been tagged as a ‘risky website’.

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Aside from, I also run an analysis with and found out that this online pharmacy had 0% safety rating. It showed that that the website was not safe for browsing and for buying. I am glad that this site was no longer working. Coupon Codes

Despite being a risky site and an inactive one, I still went ahead and checked if had offered any promotions in the past. Most online stores offer promotions to attract customers but it was not the case with this online pharmacy. According to web archived information that I found, this internet shop didn’t have any promotions during its run.

Conclusion was an online pharmacy that offered medicine for men with sexual problems. Most of the drugs they offered were generic ED medicines. Among the medicines they sold were generic Viagra, generic Levitra, generic Cialis and generic Kamagra. They also sold Sildenafil Citrate and Oral Viagra. The prices for these medicines were not available.

After searching the internet for few minutes for third-party reviews and customer reviews for metromeds, I finally gave up. It showed that this site had no customer reviews at all and that the site was never reviewed by third-party online pharmacy review sites.

A customer review is not the only thing that this online pharmacy doesn’t have, it doesn’t have coupons and promotions as well. Either they were too confident that they can attract customers and make sales without giving discounts and promotions or that they had one before but it was not captured in the web archive! It was also possible that they never had a customer to write them a review hence they closed – they were not making a sale!

In, they put out a warning to everyone to avoid browsing this site and buying from this site. had put up a warning that this site was a ‘risky’ site and if I am a customer, I might just heed what said. also warned potential customers of the risk of buying from a website that was hiding its location. revealed that this site was using a US server yet it might be located in the European Union. Well, they were possibly risky but they do not have fake customer reviews! With this information at hand, I am giving this site a rating of 2 out of 5 stars.