Review – Terminated Company with Trust Issues was said to be a platform that had been in affiliation with the Health Solutions Network. Health Solutions Network was said to be one of the subsidiaries of Millenium Pharmaceuticals. The company is no longer working and has been shut down for unknown reasons. The company claimed that it used to offer different types of prescription drugs at discounted price. Moreover, it provided an easy and fully secure way for the customers to have access to a variety of medications at a time. Meds Sale strictly emphasized that it sold non-controlled substances only. The pharmacy was associated with different licensed doctors to help the customers decide the best for them. I checked the price at which it used to sell Viagra and found that 13.9 USD was the price for 100 mg pill which was expensive.

The company used to ship the orders via USPS or FedEx. There was no mentioning of the prices of these services or the days it took for them to deliver the orders. The payments were received through Visa, Master Card, Discover and Checks. Cash on delivery service was also made available. The company did not use to offer refunds and could be contacted by calling at 1-888-738-3822 or by email at their official address. Reviews

After checking the general information provided by the pharmacy, I decided to find evidence for this drug store in the form of customer reviews. Customer reviews are probably the best way to know if a store is worth buying drugs from. If these reviews are found on an independent website, there remains no question left about the authenticity of these comments. So, I kept looking for testimonials given by customers who tried out while it still used to work. Unfortunately, I ended up hopeless and with not even a single customer review in hand. This was sad for me to realize that Meds Sale was probably like many of these drug stores that just operated for their own sake and had no interest in the betterment of their customers’ health. Reviews 2017 had to be checked somehow but I was also not able to find any latest customer reviews that this store had received right before its closure. I decided to check it using different scam catching software and was lucky enough to find Scamner’s report on it.

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According to Scamner, Meds Sale was not at all a trust worthy store as it had been given 0 percent trust rating. Moreover, it had been said by Scamner that the customers must never even look for their desired drugs on this platform. It had also been listed as a threat for buying medicines. In short, Scamner did not seem to like MedsSale.

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Scamadviser, on the other hand, had given quite opposite reviews for Meds Sale. It had rendered it as a safe website and had given a very high trust rating to it. There were no risks associated with this store and no malware reports had been detected by Scamadviser.

The two reports that I analyzed were quite opposite to each other so it was becoming quite hard for me to decide which one to trust. I decided that I could not completely trust Meds Sale given the fact that Scamner, a famous scam catching application, had decided not to trust it. Coupon Codes

In addition to lacking in customer reviews, also had another major flaw that I spotted while I was searching its official website. This major flaw was an absence of customer reviews. This came as quite a shock for me because pharmacies that usually lack in general customer reviews try their best to cover up for their deficiency by offering good discounts to its customers. In this case, Meds Sale had decided not to bother about this deficiency and had not even done anything to compensate for it. This made me realize how irresponsible the company was and how unsuitable it would have been to order medicines from here.


To conclude, I have to say that had proven itself as nothing but sheer disappointment. Not only does it lack in customer reviews but it had also refused to offer even a small degree of discount to attract customers or to value them. This means that the company had been set up for its own sake only and paid no attention to the customers’ needs or requirements. It also implied that all the big claims that the company had made on its official website were false and nothing but lies. This forces me to give Meds Sale no more than 1 out of 5.