Kamagrafast.co.uk Review – Kamagra Pharmacy with No Credibility

Kamagrafast.co.uk was an online pharmacy that offered a variety of drugs to their customers. They are not available online anymore due to some reasons that I cannot quantify. From the domain name, I can derive that they were based in the UK. They claimed that all UK and European orders were posted from London. They also probably had an affiliate in Athens. They had an Athenian address at the bottom of the home page. They had a phone number that you could contact them with. It was +1 7847179223.

As the name suggests, Kamagrafast.co.uk dealt majorly with ED pills and sexual health medication and accessories. Their catalog comprised of:

Tadalafil Weekenders (Cialis), Tadalafil Weekender (Jellies), Tadalafil Weekenders (soft), Kamagra (Viagra) 100mg, Kamagra Super, Kamagra Fizz, Kamagra Jelly (Viagra), Lovegra (Female Viagra), Blue Pill, Levitra generic (20mg), female attractant, Condoms/accessories and Adult Toys and Gifts.

The bestselling ED pills include:

  • Levitra generic 20 mg x100 at $ 238.13
  • Levitra generic 20mg x20 at $59.48
  • Kamagra soft fruit chews x100 at $182.55
  • Kamagra soft fruit chews x64 at $138.88
  • Kamagra soft fruit chews x32 at $72.72
  • Kamagra soft fruit chews x16 at $36.99
  • Kamagra soft fruit chews x8 at $19.78

Kamagrafast.co.uk offered free postage in the UK. They shipped their orders before 1530 GMT if you ordered the drugs before that time during the day. They delivered the products the next day for customers in the UK. They used Royal Mail Airsure for most of Europe and other countries over the world. They shipped their products worldwide. For countries outside Europe, they claimed to deliver the drugs to their customers within 5 working days. They also took orders made using the telephone.

Speaking of the Refund policy, they offered a 14-day money back guarantee.

Kamagrafast.co.uk Reviews

To buy anything from an online , I always check what previous customers said about it. This kind of information is found in many a testimonials page in the online pharmacy websites. However, I am always apprehensive about such reviews because they are always positive. I did not find any reviews on kamagrafast.co.uk which did not have a testimonials page. I went to look for customer reviews on third party consumer review websites. There were none. I found it strange that kamagrafast.co.uk did not have customer reviews. How was I supposed to know whether the quality of the products was up to standard? What about the customer service and delivery of orders? I became skeptical on the credibility of the online pharmacy. For all I know, this could have been a scam website that swindled people money. I would not recommend any person to buy from here.

Kamagrafast.co.uk Reviews 2017

Since kamagrafast.co.uk does not have customer reviews, I resorted to scam-analyzing websites. They can smell a fraud website using some brilliant techniques. They check the volume of visitors visiting a website. They can use location as well. Two of the most reliable sites are scamner.com and scamadviser.com.

image3 8

Scamner.com discovered that kamagrafast.co.uk did not have too many visitors when it was still around. I also noticed that it was given a 0% rating which does not bode well with its already damaged reputation. I found it predictable that this site was shut down. Perhaps it was because of the low number of visitors. Also, I noted that kamagrafast.co.uk is not recommended for buying or browsing. I realized that kamagrafast.co.uk must have been a scam website.

image2 9

Scamadviser.com uses a geo-locator feature to determine where a site is based. Such information can shed light on the credibility of an online pharmacy. In most cases, pharmacies whose location cannot be accurately determined are usually not the best to deal with. I found out that the site was purporting to be based in Germany but was more likely based in Indonesia. kamagrafast.co.uk also had a low trust rating. It is not the best place to put your money by my observation.

Kamagrafast.co.uk Coupon Codes

Like many other online pharmacies, they had to coax buyers to buy with some discount plans and offers. Many consumers shopping online compare such factors as discounts and concessions to decide where they will get more value for their money. I also look out for such offers to save some money.

image1 9

Kamagrafast.co.uk offered to send 10 free tablets if you bought 20 or more Tadalafil Weekenders. They claimed that this process was automatic. I found this plan very enticing because you get extra pills for buying a large number of pills. It was a money-saving plan that would draw many customers.


Kamagrafast.co.uk is no longer available on the internet. I was skeptical whether it would survive the tides in the online pharmaceutical business. It must have been hit by the lack of customers who felt it was not a credible business. There are numerous factors that would put me off. First, it did not have a good reputation or any reputation for that matter.

Nowadays, consumers are conscious and on the lookout for scam websites. They look for customer reviews on third party sites to know whether a business is credible. I did not find any customer reviews and this was probably one of the things that put people off. The scam analyzers also blew the whistle on kamagrafast.co.uk. They were not convinced it was a good business because it did not have a healthy client base. It had mixed up information on location. There were some good offers but overall, kamagrafast.co.uk left a lot to be desired. I would give it a rating of 1 out of 5.