Review – Fraudulent Internet Pharmacy That Is Currently Offline was an internet pharmacy that dealt with and shipped drugs across the was owned by a group known as WhoisGuard and had its base situated in Panama. Drugs on sale were obtained from reputable manufacturers cleared by relevant authorities like the FDA thus guaranteeing quality products and of high standards. had a catalog that boasted a wide range of drugs. These categories included antibiotics, Blood pressure, anti-depressants, headache, anxiety, heartburn, Birth control, allergies, and men’s health among others. In the Men’s health category, they sold a couple of ED pills that featured: Viagra 50mg, Generic Levitra, and Generic Cialis. I could not find any information regarding their prices. shipped all their orders by the following day using FedEx. They only shipped their drugs within the US. Although they delivered only within the US, they did not deliver to all the states. You had to check a list of eligible states on the order form as you made the order. They did not also ship to P.O. boxes. There was no information about the charges levied for shipping services. As of the return policy, they stated that they could not refund or exchange prescription medications due to FDA regulations. accepted payments made via VISA and MasterCard.

According to their website information, they had licensed medical practitioners on their payroll duly certified by the relevant pharmaceutical boards in the US. offered online consultations to improve access to patients that needed their services. This was achieved through questionnaires that required patients to fill and submit them through a secure order system. This innovative system has had me all skeptical because no physical examination was required. Medications are given merely on what the patient answered the questionnaire. This could have serious effects if the diagnosis that was done is wrong. Reviews had been around for some time so it had predictably generated positive and negative reviews from customers. After doing some research on the web, I found one review that captured my attention because it portrayed their customer care team as incompetent. Below is a screenshot a number of customers disgruntled on the same issue. Does this seem right to you?  Let’s take a look.

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As aforementioned, it seems that this was trend formed by the customer care desk to contact customers unnecessarily even when they haven’t made any sort of inquiries. A customer by the name Fred M reported that called him “at least once a day, sometimes a couple times a day, to get me to reorder.” This is a clear indication that they were on a mission to force people to buy their drugs. They were taking advantage of having the contact details of their customers to pester them. Another client called Linda B. said that “continue to call 3 and 4 times per week.” She was threatening to sue for harassment. She advised other customers to stay away from

Another customer known as MEL G. raised a very important issue regarding delivery of products. She claimed to have ordered a drug with the brand name Tramadol that she never got on time. She tried to make an inquiry on that issue but all she got from them were excuses for up to 9 months disappointing her on numerous occasions. She was so unhappy that “if they had negative stars here I would use them.” Surely this was a clear sign that this pharmacy was heading in the wrong direction. Reviews 2017

After visiting, I found out that the information provided is limited. Therefore, I resolved to do some research on the credibility of Sadly, there were no reviews available. I was set on investigating through credible websites whose sole purpose is to determine the authenticity of online websites. is a scam analyzing website that rates the safety and credibility of online pharmacies.

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According to the LegitScript analysis, Iorderpills has been classified as a rogue internet pharmacy. It was a fraudulent vendor as it does not observe the stipulated regulations. These regulations are set by the organizations mandated to control the medicine field plagued by fraudulent practices. It is now common for online pharmacies to occasionally breach the rules and regulations during the sale of drugs or while shipping them. Coupon Codes

Whenever a customer is buying anything he or she is attracted by the best deals available and this should be put into consideration by any vendor. This marketing strategy maintains the loyalty of existing customers and appeals to potential buyers to buy too. Discounts and coupons are unquestionably the best ways to reward customers for their loyalty. Saving money is paramount when buying products, especially when buying in bulk. I was immensely disappointed to learn that Iorderpills did not offer any incentives or discounts whatsoever. It’s not surprising to me that they did not give discount considering that they had not expanded into other international markets implying that they were relatively young in the industry before closing up shop.  This alone could have been a major contributing factor to their downfall, aside from other factors I am not quite conversant with.


Basically, used to be an online drug vendor that sold and shipped drugs mostly in the US.  I think their innovative idea of offering consultations online was amazing as a substitute for the traditional consultations where tests are involved. Their notable limitation was their inability to ship abroad. This meant that customers from outside the US could not access any of their products. Putting all those things into consideration I would give it a rating of 1 out of 5.