Hghmeds.com Review – Malware Web Store with Expensive Products!

Hghmeds.com used to be a drugstore in the supply of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), weight loss medications and Impotencies among others. The web store had been said to have been located in Mexico where most of its operations such as distributing drugs without a prescription was legal additionally its Prophin, Genotrophin, Maxifort Zimax and its entire were not within the federal law. The other issue that amazed me was its pricing which was way out of my affordability limits, for instance, four pills of 20mg Cialis were priced at $79.99 while four 100mg Viagra tablets went for $ 76.99. These drugs were safely acquired by its customers in different parts of the world with a preferential treatment to those who resided in Europe and the United States where its successful deliveries were highly guaranteed. Consumers who lived in countries such as France, Finland, Canada, Australia and Norway were not privileged to enjoy the services rendered by the store for minimal penetrations during delivery and other reasons known to the vendor.

Clients were invited to air their concerns through a live support in addition to the official email and the telephone numbers that had been indicated on the site. They had been promised to get their responses as soon as possible since it was within the interest of the seller to offer outstanding service to its clients. The majority of online shops prefer credit cards, wire bank transfers and e-checks to facilitate the payments of their orders which might be the case for Hgmeds.com even though such details were out of reach from the remains of its website. Most of its narcotics in exception Xerendip and erectile medicine used to be shipped by the USPS within a day at the price of $ 50.00 in the United States while EMS and MEX post took two weeks to deliver the parcels to their final consumers at a service charge of $ 15.00. Its refund policy ensured that those whose goods failed to be delivered in addition to recipients of defected packages and incomplete ones were compensated with a 50% cash reshipment with some getting a full reshipment depending on the case at hand.

Hghmeds.com Reviews

Consumer remarks are crucial in enlightening potential customers on the quality of the pharmaceuticals and service relinquished by a particular vendor, and in my case, these comments have never disappointed. They shape my expectations of the seller in review in addition to enabling me to come up with some criteria of personal interests against the merits of the store thus resulting to good shopping decisions. I was privileged to find a user comment on its site which had been published six years ago by Poonapp who confessed that the site had a `great selection’ which was quite expensive.

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I would have appreciated more if I had seen some more testimonials on its website although fate had a way of harnessing my curiosity. It took me down a memory lane where I had purchased some prescriptions online on a site with a single compliment which had been well spelled to resemble an advertisement piece. Well, I wouldn’t refer to myself as gullible, but the truth is that I fell for it and took it as nothing but the truth regarding the vendor. Lucky for me the experience was worthwhile, and the shopping was nostalgic but don’t risk your money buying from virtual shops without a good number of authentic reviews. I also take my words seriously now that I have realized that the cost of living has proved to be high and money demands to be spent sparingly.

Hghmeds.com Reviews 2017

The scam analyzing engines are a must use to verify the credibility of an online store that intersects with my interest since I have a high affinity for great bargains that clouds my rationality. I utilized the scamadviser.com to find out more about Hghmeds.com which stated that the site had low trust rates making it be unsafe for consumers. The scam consultant declared that the virtual shop had been a malware risk to some of its users and its owner was using a soft are to hide its primary information to the public.

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It had also been said to have an unknown popularity in addition to being granted trust rated of (1 out of 100) % with the needless statement that it had ceased its operations.

Hghmeds.com Coupon Codes

Online shops came as the saving entity flooded with free shipping services, lower prices, loyal points, free blister packs and much more. Hghmeds.com had some coupon codes segment as well as information concerning gift certificates which its customers would utilize to save few coins from the medical bills although it was impossible for me to ascertain that they used to be efficient. Discounts on refills and reorders are also widely utilized by most vendors, and I would be bearing false witness if I say that the site in question made use of it to appreciate its loyal clients.  I would win the support of positive thinkers that internet shopping has economized on money compared to the traditional drugstores. The same statement would attract the critics who are likely to be harsh on me stating that its authenticity is far much more expensive and comes with adverse effects on the health of the consumers with some losing their money.  My take is that the decision to maximize the benefits of e-commerce is in your hands as a buyer while the opportunity to be on the receiving end is still within your power.


Hghmeds.com had a comment from one of its users which had praised its products despite stating that they were expensive. The site had been reported to be infected with a malware in addition to having low trust rates of (1 out of 100) % by the scamadviser.com which influenced me to accord it 1 star out of 5.