Review – India-Based Pharmacy with a Low-Reliability Rating once considered itself as one of the most reliable and affordable pharmacies in the online pharmaceutical industry. I went to the records in archives where, on the home screen, the pharmacy claimed to have the largest selection of generic medications on the Internet. This was an India-based pharmacy that was set up in 2006.

I got to read through the website’s defense of ordering medications online, in response to a question that inquired about whether the online services of meant that medications could be bought without seeing a doctor. It explained that online questionnaires will never replace physical exams but they do give patients the ability to get treatment for a number of conditions that don’t require another exam.

After the information, a patient filled in the questionnaire was reviewed by a licensed physician, a prescription was written for approved medications in categories like Women’s Health, Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Cancer, Men’s Health, Blood Pressure, Allergy, and Pain Medications.

I decided to go on a tour of the “Men’s Health” category where ED medications were abundant. Generic Sildenafil citrate, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil were in the showroom. 180 pills of 100mg Sildenafil citrate cost $216, 150 pills of 20mg Tadalafil cost $195, and 120 pills of 20mg Vardenafil cost $280. MasterCard, Diners Club, Visa, and JCB were accepted the Credit cards. EChecks were valid too.

Free Express Mail Service delivered orders in 6-12 days and tracking numbers were obtainable. If orders were not fulfilled within thirty days, offered full refunds. Reviews

I looked for a “Testimonials” section of the store but there was nothing like that and there was no review on the website. I had better luck when I looked outside the website and was able to find some reviews from 2012 on the pharmacy profiling website: I have attached some of them which I am going to highlight here.

image4 4

The first review was uploaded by a user named Patrick. He had become a returning customer and according to him, he had used the service many times. He “always had a good service”. The second reviewer is named Leslie. He found the service to be fast and reliable and indicated that he was eager to recommend it to others. He especially liked the 30x20mg offer of Cialis including the free EMS delivery. He explained that he had spent a lot of time checking on different websites for Viagra or Cialis until he came across He received his order of 3 original blisters of the Cialis quantity above in a week.

A reviewer named Jon is the author of the last review. He found to be a dependable and safe online pharmacy and was sure that he would recommend it to friends. Now, these reviews are as valuable as the reviews that might have existed on the pharmacy’s website if it had a “Testimonials” menu. If I had been able to go through them, I am sure that they would have been as positive as these unaffiliated reviews. I know this because I have come to understand that pharmacies that feature reviews recognize and take advantage of the fact that prospective customers are understandably curious about the legitimacy of their business. As such, they do their utmost to make sure that the reviews present as dependable an image as possible. Others sadly have resorted to publishing duplicate reviews. Reviews 2017 

Unaffiliated reviews like those that exist for come in handy in such cases. And if possible, locating the latest reviews is your best bet when it comes to obtaining accurate information. If neither reviews on a vendor’s website nor unaffiliated reviews are available, and are great for obtaining technical information about a website as well as identifying scams.

image3 6 gave a Low Trust Rating and revealed that the website was registered 11 years ago and was located in the United States. The owner country was untraceable because the site made use of an anonymous service that prevents Scamadviser from pinpointing the origin as well as the site owner. The report went on to say that the website had been identified as untrustworthy and given low-reliability ratings on other websites. It appears that the server was compromised too.

image2 6

Legitscript found that was a Rogue Internet pharmacy website and that the domain was reregistered and updated last year. It confirmed that the US was the registrant country. Coupon Codes

The screen grab below shows a list of discounts and bonuses that used when it was still active on the Internet. Coupon codes were not used for giving discounts on this pharmacy.

image1 6

Be that as it may, there was a discount offer of ten percent off the price of prescription drugs for all returning customers. Some online stores go as high as fifteen percent for returning customers. Regardless of the value, this is a discount that is made available for every order following the first one. There was a separate discount of 22% off the original prices if a customer returned for a refill. The one bonus offer on the store is the most popular one when it comes to online pharmacy stores. Orders were shipped, like I earlier alluded to, free of charge by Express Mail Service. Bonus pills, usually of the most popular medicines on a given website, are added to medications ordered on some stores. Gift Vouchers are available on other websites as well.


I have learned a lot about this India-based online pharmacy. started its operations on the Internet in 2006. While the homepage in the archived records made a rather spurious assertion that this store had the largest selection of medicines on the Internet, it was more honest about the requirements for purchases on the website. It confirmed that medications could be bought on the store without seeing a doctor or presenting a prescription but only for cases where the patient in question doesn’t need a physical exam. Online questionnaires provided a good alternative to such exams and insight into patient history. Upon approval by a Licensed Physician, prescriptions were issued for drugs in categories like Pain Medications, Allergy, Men’s Health, Diabetes, Women’s Health, Cancer, Blood Pressure, and Cardiovascular. The “Men’s health showroom had ED medications including generic Sildenafil citrate, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil. I saw favorable reviews from 2012 for on Scamadviser gave the vendor a Low trust rating, however, because it had been identified as untrustworthy, was the subject of low-reliability ratings, and was hosted on a compromised server. Legitscript called Gold-rx a Rogue Internet pharmacy. I am grading one on a scale of one to five.