Ezpharm.eu Review – Closed Online Store with Not Much Information About Left!

Ezpharm.eu was an online pharmacy that is no longer operating. Data gathered for this website was so limited that I only have to rely on web archived information and on some third-party websites. Unfortunately, despite having these sources, I am still unable to unravel the start date of operation, the close date, and the location of this online pharmacy.

According to a third-party review website, there were 379 medical products that ezpharm.eu sold. These products were at least 20 medical categories but I don’t include medicines such heart disease medicines, antifungal drugs, and medicines to treat smoking addiction. Their popular categories include anti-anxiety, diet pills, hair loss, pain medications, men’s health, and women’s health. Their best sellers included Vigron Power, Vigrox, Sildenafilo, Belofam, and Slidenafilo La Sante, Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, Ambien, Lunesta, Ativan, Meridia, and Acomplia.

For their men’s health category, what they had were Cialis, Levitra, and Lovex. For women’s health, they had Clomid.  The prices of these ED medicines were no longer available. The information whether these medicines were FDA approved is not available.

Since ezpharm.eu had been inactive for a while, most information about the website is no longer available. Aside from its location, information about their payment method, shipping method, shipping, return, and refund policies was no longer available.

According to a third-party website though, this online pharmacy accepted Visa and MasterCard for payment and used Airmail and EMS for shipping. The cost for each shipping was not available though as well as the delivery time. They also had a phone and live chat support. These things cannot be verified though due to the limited resources I had.

Ezpharm.eu Reviews

Most businesses can take advantage of the effect of customer reviews, especially online stores. A good customer review can increase product sale, get more lead generation and can enhance the overall image of the store. Customers always look at customer reviews as personal recommendation hence if your online website has a lot of great customer reviews, then you can expect more customer visiting your online store. This is like having an advertisement for free and it is very effective.

In the case of ezpharm.eu, from the limited information I gathered about this internet shop, it shows that this website doesn’t have any customer review from third-party websites. It doesn’t have a testimonial page either on its website. With no customer review to use in evaluating the performance of this website, I will go ahead and use some scam analyzing websites to further familiarize myself about ezpharm.eu.

Ezpharm.eu Reviews 2017

For my scam analysis, I use scamadviser.com. Scamadviser.com is a website that analyzes another website in terms of reliability and possibly being a scam. It uses the website’s information such as their location, registration data, owner’s information and customer reviews.

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According to scamadviser.com, ezpharm.eu was a website based in Germany. Scamadviser.com advised customers of the potential threat in using this online pharmacy. The threat was not explained well though but it could be because Germany was considered as a ‘threat country’ to operating an online pharmacy with.

Ezpharm.eu Coupon Codes


I love a lot of things about online shopping. It saves me money for gas and since I am doing it at home, I am also saving some bucks for food. When shopping in malls, I always end up eating and buying more from other stores! Another thing I love about online buying is that I always get to use discounts and promo codes. Lastly, I can do my online buying anytime of the day. If I am too busy during the day, I can always do it at night after doing my chores or while waiting for sleep to take me. With these being said, one reason why I would consider ezpharm.eu is (if they were still active) is if they got promotions that I can take advantage of!

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Customers of ezpharm.eu were able to enjoy free shipping during their run. Customers with purchases of more than $300 can have their orders delivered for free.  Well, I don’t normally order medicines that are worth $300 so I think I won’t be able to use their promotion!


Ezpharm.eu was an online store that offered different medicines worldwide. They offered medicines for anxiety, weight loss, hair loss, pain, men, and women’s health. This online pharmacy offered Cialis, Levitra, and Lovex for their customers with ED problems. They didn’t sell Viagra and Kamagra though.

The information I gathered about ezpharm.eu was limited because this website is no longer active. The information I used was from web archive and third party websites. Unfortunately, I was unable to unravel the start and close date of its operation, the location, the prices of medicines it offered, its policies (refund, cancellation, and the return of products), and contact info.

Ezpharm.eu doesn’t have any customer review. Customer reviews could have been helpful in gaining some insights about this online pharmacy. Unfortunately for ezpharm.eu, I will just have to rely on the information I got from scamadviser.com.

Scamadviser.com is a scam analyzing website and the result of my analysis for ezpharm.eu revealed that there was a potential risk associated with using this internet shop. It showed that the website operated from Germany. The risk was not clear though aside from the fact that it was located in Germany, a country that is considered as a risky country to run an online business.

Lastly, this website had run a promotion to lure customers but then, the promotion they were running seems to be too much. In order to avail of their promotion which was free shipping, customers need to purchase a product that is worth $300. Personally, I don’t think anyone would be making such a big purchase online knowing that there is always a risk in buying online!

With all the information I gathered for ezpharm.eu, I am giving this website a rating of 1 out 5 stars.