Eliferx.com Review – Bad Reputation and Fake Reviews

Risk-free ordering – this was what Eliferx.com promised to their customers! Eliferx.com was an online pharmacy that offers premium quality medicine for the best price possible. This online pharmacy had the biggest number of ED medicines at 37. Eliferx.com is no longer operational and its location was unknown.

Eliferx.com had a lot of medicines under its belt. Aside from 37 types of ED medicines offered, they also sold other drugs for different medical conditions such as general health drugs, herpes medicine, and cholesterol drugs, pain relief medicines, skin care drugs and gastrointestinal medicines.

ElifeRX sold different types of ED drugs such as generic versions, active versions, oral jelly, professional, and chewable. They were not limited to generic Viagra, generic Levitra, and generic Cialis, they also offered Suhagra, Tadacip, Apcalis, Caverta, and Kamagra.  A generic Viagra costs $6.50 per pill (25mg) and $6.80 for a pill with a higher dosage (50mg). A 100mg generic Viagra costs $7 per pill. For a generic Levitra, a pill costs $7 (20mg) and $9 for a pill of 40 mg. Aside from these generic ED drugs, they offered Cialis too for $6.87 per pill (20mg). A tablet of Kamagra was sold for $6.66 per pill (100mg). Since I am not sure when the store operated, I can say that the price was a bit high as compared to the current prices of generic ED drugs (unless these were the pricing they had ten years ago).

The medicines offered by Eliferx.com were FDA approved from its countries of origin. All medicines sold at this internet shop were generic medicines. Generic medicines are as effective as its branded counterpart because they were manufactured with the same active ingredients.

Processing and completing an order with Eliferx.com was easy as they accept credit card and payment through the Western Union. This internet shop ships worldwide too. They had two shipping methods, by Express Mail Service and by Airmail. For EMS shipping, delivery normally takes up to 14 business days while Airmail takes up to 21 days. Orders delivered via EMS shipping was trackable. The pricing of shipping depends on the destination of the order. According to the home page of this online pharmacy, they offer a refund or reshipping of order in case of missing, lost or delayed delivery.

There were three ways to contact Eliferx.com: through 802-375-7442, through live chat and through their ‘contact us’ page. Since the website was no longer operational, testing these options to reach the site was no longer possible.

Eliferx.com Reviews

According to Eliferx.com, using the medicine they offered means ‘not missing a moment again’ which means being ready for everything – especially when with your loved one. What I want to know though was how reliable were they in delivering their products and how effective the medicines they offered. Since I wasn’t able to order or contact their support, I decided to check for customer reviews.

Luckily, Eliferx.com had customer reviews posted on their site.

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In 2012, John B from Albuquerque, USA shared his great experience with Eliferx.com. John said he was an American and he was glad he came across Eliferx.com, a store that provides quality medicine. John was so thankful that he was able to get a regular refill of his prescription because of Eliferx.com. John rated this store with 5 stars.

Mike from New York also wrote his experience about Eliferx.com saying that he was able to save up to 80% with his ordered medicine. He was glad that the payment process was secure and that he got his order as promised. Mike ended his review saying that he was highly satisfied with the service he receives from Eliferx.com.

The last review I found for ElifeRX was written by Jennifer who was from Dallas. According to Jennifer, the price of the medicines offered by Eliferx.com was amazing and she considers finding Eliferx.com as a great find! She rated this online pharmacy with 5 stars.

John, Mike, and Jennifer rated Eliferx.com with 5 stars. The three of them were too happy with the medicines they ordered and the service they received. They were happy that the found Eliferx.com.

What I don’t trust in these reviews were the fact that these were only found on their website. I was not able to find it from third-party review sites. These customer reviews were visible only from Eliferx.com and I cannot help but think that these were fake and were written with a sole purpose to excite other people and try Eliferx.com. This is a clear way of scamming other people!

Eliferx.com Reviews 2017

With fake customer reviews to use against Eliferx.com, I also decided to check the reputation of this online pharmacy from scamadviser.com.

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According to scamadviser.com, this website cannot be trusted and that it had “low trust rating”. The site was operating from Russia according to scamadviser.com.

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Another website review from scamner.com revealed that Eliferx.com was not recommended for browsing and buying. This website had 0% safe rating.

Eliferx.com Coupon Codes

I prefer websites that offer discounts especially free shipping because it is a sure way to save a few bucks. If I , I won’t have to pay for gas anymore. If I can get an item with free shipping, then it is like hitting two birds with one stone! Since I love discounts and promotions, I decided to find out what Eliferx.com offered to its customers!

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One promotion that Elife RX was the “bulk order’ promo. Although this kind of promotion allows customers to get some discount, it doesn’t apply to individual buyers like me who only need to purchase a couple of tablets for my daily needs. For their promo, a customer needed to purchase at least 500 pills to get whatever discount they were offering, something that won’t work for me.


Eliferx.com was a website that offered risk-free buying to their customers. Among the things they were offering was ‘money back’ guarantee, total privacy, total security and free re-shipping (or refund) of lost, damaged and undelivered package. The thing is, these were not verifiable since the website is no longer active.

What I find suspicious about this online drugstore was the fact that they had fake reviews. This seemingly suspicious website was given a negative feedback by scam analyzing websites as well and with their bad reputations from scamadviser.com and scamner.com. Eliferx.com deserves a rating of 1 out of 5 stars.