D-edrug.com Review – Suspicious Internet Store Selling Pharmaceuticals

D-edrug.com was an online store that is no longer operational. According to a third-party website, this internet shop offered at least 474 types of medicines under 16 medical categories. Aside from the category list D-eDrug shop had, they also had a list of best sellers to make it easier for their customers to find the medicines they need. Since this store was no longer operational, data regarding its start, close date and location were no longer available as well.

Among the drugs offered by d-edrug.com were drugs for alcoholism, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s drug, analgesics, anti-inflammatories, drugs for anti-allergy, antibiotics, antidepressants, antiparasitic, antivirals, arthritis, asthma, birth control pills, cancer drugs, erectile dysfunction drugs, eye care, gastrointestinal tract, HIV drugs, hypertension, mental disorders, migraine, muscle relaxants, neurological disorders, drug to fight obesity, osteoporosis, respiratory tract, and medicine for skin care. Indeed, this was one big online pharmacy that can offer everything that you need for your health.

The best sellers of d-edrug.com were mainly ED drugs. The ED medicines offered at this internet shop were affordable. A generic Viagra costs $0.69 per pill while a female generic Viagra costs $1.89 per pill. Kamagra, which is an Indian produced ED drug costs $1.50 per pill just like their generic Levitra. A generic Cialis costs $1.30 per pill. With the limited information I have for this online pharmacy, I was not able to determine if the drugs they offered were FDA approved

According to a third-party review website, d-edrug.com accepted Visa and MasterCard payment. The shipping information they shared showed that there was a $10 shipping fee and customers can expect their orders within 9 to 12 days upon dispatch. The method of shipping was Airmail. Refund and cancellation policies were totally not available.

From the existing home page of D-eDrug shop, it showed that they had a toll-free number for their US customers and regular US and UK phone numbers. They also had a live chat support during their run. With the website being down, I was not able to test if these options to reach this online pharmacy were reliable. A contact us also existed for this site.

D-edrug.com Reviews

Online selling is one of the cheapest ways to start a business without the hassle of having a physical store and without paying necessary business fees. Online products always cost cheaper as compared to products from our local stores. I always prefer to buy products online because of promotions and discounts that the sellers offer. With a number of online stores out there though, how would you determine if you are dealing with a legit online store and not a scam?

Before deciding to use a certain online store, I always check the status and reputation of the said website. I checked for reviews and ratings. Customer reviews are very helpful in providing insights regarding a website’s reputation. Unfortunately for d-edrug.com, there are customer reviews that I can use to evaluate their reliability. It looks this online pharmacy didn’t have any happy or angry customer – or never had any customer at all!

With no reviews to use, I decided to check the reputation of d-edrug.com with a scam analyzing a website.

D-edrug.com Reviews 2017

Scam analyzing websites like scamadviser.com is one of the easiest websites to use. I find it reliable as well hence I check D-eDrug shop with it.

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According to scamadviser.com, when it was still active, d-edrug.com was not a safe website to use. Scamadviser.com was not able to determine the location of this online pharmacy, probably because it was no longer active or because the owner used different servers to hide its location.

Customers who purchased and used this internet shop faced a risk of up to 65%, a big chance that their security information might get compromised during transactions.

D-edrug.com Coupon Codes

Customer reviews are not the only thing that d-edrug.com lacked, they don’t have any promotions as well. It looks like this website was operating and offering low-cost medicines, hoping that customers will buy from them without the need to entice them first. As an online shopper, when an online store doesn’t offer promotion and there are other options out there, I wouldn’t waste my time with that specific website. I will leave it and just look for another internet shop that offers promotions!


D-edrug.com was an online store that offered a lot of medications at the lowest price possible. They had 474 types of medicines under 16 medical categories. Their best sellers were mainly ED drugs, sold at a very low price.

D-edrug.com was no longer operational and information used for this review were taken from a third-party website and web archived data. For this reason, I only gathered limited data and some information like shipping policies and prices, payment methods, close, start date, and location were not verified.

In order to write a fair review for this site, I researched and look for customer reviews that can shed light on the way this store operates during its run. Unfortunately, there are no customer reviews written for this site as well. There were no customer reviews found on third-party review sites. With no reviews to back-up their claim of being a reliable provider of affordable medicines, I am now starting to have doubts about this online pharmacy. Lastly, I went ahead and checked the reputation of d-edrug.com using scamadviser.com and the result was also not favorable. According to scamadviser.com, this internet shop was listed as a “threat and unsafe” and customers were advised to stay away from it. With all the data I have for this online pharmacy, I am giving D-eDrug shop a rating of 1 out of 5 stars.